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WondaSeal Brick Sealer is a rapid drying, easy to apply, water-based acrylic sealer. It is a non-toxic, water resistant and water repelling sealant. WondaSeal Brick Sealer is ready to use for both interior and exterior applications. It will not flake, peel or crack under normal usage and provides and aesthetically pleasing finish. WondaSeal Brick Sealer contains a UV inhibitor which increases its sun-resistant properties.

Product Overview

WondaSeal Brick Sealer is suitable for the sealing of exterior and interior vertical and horizontal brick surfaces. It will repel water, protect and inhibit dirt retention. May also be applied to cement blocks and porous concrete pavers.


Between 6m² – 10m² per coat dependent on surface porosity.

How to use:

Steps to using the WondaSeal Brick Sealer product.

Ensure surfaces to be coated are free from dust, dirt, grease or any other contaminant. Where necessary hose down exterior surfaces with a water jet. Allow to dry before application. Do not apply to damp surfaces.
Use a brush, sponge or spray gun to apply. Work from base up on vertical surfaces to ensure thorough coverage of surface. Avoid ponding in grouting on horizontal surfaces by wiping up excess with a sponge. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply to cool surfaces. Best results are obtained by applying 2 thin coats. Allow 20 minutes between coats and 12 hours to cure completely.
Clean equipment with clean water immediately after application. Flush spray gun and hoses with clean water to avoid clogging.

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